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Different Types of Binary Options Signals

Posted by on Nov 12, 2015 in Trade Options | Comments Off on Different Types of Binary Options Signals

Binary options signals are used by several traders in the investment business because of its straightforward approach into trading. All you need is an optimal computer, basic knowledge on binary options and the knowledge on how the market trends behave. Since there are traders that not only monitor binary options but also other forms of investment as well, they have turned to a quicker way in monitoring the binary options trading by going through automated trading and the binary options signals.

Binary options signals are used to monitor the trends in the market make analysis and updated reports to the trader on its current behavior. Before the existence of binary options signals, traders and brokers do all the work by themselves manually – laboriously watching the market for several hours, opening up different windows in order to monitor different markets at once and go over each of them to which of the assets are performing well. Because of this arduous task, it can be quite daunting to traders and have less time to reap more profits rather than the other way around. With binary options signals, it will make trading faster and traders get to focus more on earning profits.


If you are curious about binary options signals, first you need to familiarize its different types. Not all signals are created the same and each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. In order for traders to make the soundest decision into choosing the right type of signal, the following are the different types of binary options signals with its corresponding strengths and weaknesses.

Manual trading is one of the five trading signals of binary options. Traders are left to set up their trade manually which is mostly through a network or social group. It can also be done through the signals of a custom group or the Skype uplink. The alerts for trading are sent manually instead of being sent by an analytical application so that traders can follow with the experts. The signals are sent usually with the information on why the trend or trade is particularly viable, thus allowing the traders to gain knowledge about the market analysis and trends.

There is the live signals, the second of the five types. This type of signal is perfect for those who wish to gain more insight and understanding about the binary options trading. Because it is live, traders are given the opportunity to go live on a trading session through a video feed. This way, traders get to learn firsthand how to read on trends and even make one of them through the live session.

Another type is the SMS, which is offered in selected platforms. It allows the trader’s signals to be sent via their mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones with the use of SMS. These signals are just simple text messages that display the recommended assets to be traded and information on why such assets are crucial for trading. There are also the SMS alerts – ones that will provide traders with the latest news in regards to the behavior of the market and a lot of other important information with trends before such trends even make it happen.

The auto trading signals utilizes software that does not only focus on trading signals but also even places the trades for the traders automatically, hence it got its name. Amongst the signals, this is probably the easiest for trading, but it is a must for traders to understand and keep in mind that it will not always guarantee the traders to get the best of trades. This is particularly very important, especially when utilizing the auto trading signals for the purpose of making sure to have the most accurate prediction.

61d87imgIt is best to have the most optimal and available system at hand in order to maximize your profit and at the same time minimize  the risk. But when you end up with good providers of trading signals, you can leave the software to do its own thing and you can even leave it running in your computer. This is what made binary options robots very popular as of recently – it is because it makes them trade by itself automatically while the trader will only wait for the result to come out. Of course, the signal system does not do all the work. Prior to starting the task, the trader’s preferences are being inputted, often based on the binary options account.

Lastly is the copy trading signal. This type provides the trader information based on another expert traders in real time. This enables the traders to copy other signals from experts, most especially from reputable traders in order to capitalize the market of the binary options. There are a lot of these types around and brokers even offer this particular option that comes along with their platform or package.

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Free Money System

Posted by on Oct 2, 2015 in Review Binary, Trade Options | Comments Off on Free Money System

Lately, Binary Options has grown popular because of their profitability and simplicity. Diverse groups of people; old and young, literate and illiterate, rich and poor; have adopted Binary Options so as to earn some side- income. Binary Options has proved to be a safe, legal and popular method of trading online. Studies have shown that over three million people globally trade using these systems and make commendable returns and high incomes. Basically, one needs no experience in trades and trading to be able to use Binary Options. This is because these systems employ only the Asset- Movement- Speculation that depends on the trend of the in the market.logo

The Free Money System is a Binary Options System developed by Walter Green. This system assures its customers of making them millionaires overnight. The system assures customers of making them millionaires in a timeframe of three months soon after they join the program.

This system is more of a gambling site. The customers predict the value of shares and stocks to either be in a fall or in a rise. A customer predicts for $Y and if the prediction is correct, then he or she wins a fixed amount of cash. However, nothing is earned if the prediction goes on the centrally. This basically signs it up for a gambling site.

During sign-up, a customer is expected to choose among Anyoption, XB24 and GTOptions as the only brokers. The three are famous brokers in the online industry who pay high commissions to people who introduce customers into their systems. This means that for every trade a customer makes, Free Money System earns high commission from these brokers.

The system is very biased as only experts know where and how to place bets. That’s why the Experts (Dream- Team) who are accountable for the millions made by the system are friends summoned by Walter Green as a promotional measure.how-to-trade-binary-options

The advantages of Walter’s system are that membership is free and a customer is likely to make profits. However, the disadvantages outdo the advantages. The advantages are that the venture is very risky since there is no guarantee of refunds, the promises by the team are false with earnings that are exaggerated, minimum investment id two hundred dollars and the Support is only virtual.

In conclusion, Walter Green’s System; Free Money System; is a scam. Their website has only a little amount of reading material. Several scam factors are available but customers attention is drawn by the dancing and singig which is the greeting message. Its video is short (only 34 minutes) and mimics others from other systems. Customers should be warned lest they fall in this trap of signing contracts only to be used as tools of earning commissions. This Binary Option system only wastes customers time because always odd are against customers. Most of the Binary Options earn their income when their clients lose in predictions. These systems should be removed from the market. Only the few accredited by the monetary controllers in a state should be running.

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IQ Option review

Posted by on Oct 2, 2015 in Review Binary, Trade Options | Comments Off on IQ Option review

IQ option first came into business in 2012 which makes it quite a young trading broker in all the Binary option trade. It provides a highly flexible and intuitive platform for all the traders; both the pros and beginners alike.iq-option_1

The platform

IQ option will run right on the browser which means that you need not to download any software or application to use it. This is a great thing because you don’t need to constantly carry your PC especially if you are the kind of person who is constantly on the move. This saves one a lot of trouble as they need not to add any more software on their machines. All that one need is to have a good internet connection and they are good to go.

The IQ option also gives you the option of having it in an app that can run on both IOS and android. This means that one can trade even when they do not have their PCs o the WI FI is down as they are able to use the Smartphone data connection.

The Interfaceiqoption-3

Another good thing about the IQ option is that it utilizes a very flexible, highly intuitive and simple interface that is very easy to navigate even for the beginners. The whole interface is based on the binary option trading and every trading decision made revolves around this. It has gained a lot of popularity throughout Europe, Southwest Asia and South America. It continues to gain more recognition throughout the world.

Opening an Account

Opening an account is very easy as there are no technical details required. All one needs to do is click on the new account button, fill in the details after which one will receive a confirmation email. After registering, the user is only required to deposit some cash and they are good to start trading. One has also an option of first getting a demo account to get the basics.

There are many different avenues that one can use to depositing funds. Some of them include MasterCard, Visa, Skrill, Web money, Neteller among others. One can also perform a wire transfer.

Withdrawing is also quite easy; the amount to withdraw is limited by the amount of deposit. The process will take about three business days after filling the withdraw details. One has several currency options through which one can trade. Care should however be taken when selecting the type of currency as one cannot change it later.


IQ option offers different trading options. This means that the beginners can start off with the relatively easy trading options and as they gain expertise they can proceed to the lather complex ones. There are also very many indicators that make it easy to earn profits.

The good thing about trading here is that markets are not limited to ones geographical regions. There are many assets like Asian brokers’ boards and Latin American, ALIBABA, Loha Renner, Yandex, Itau Uni-Banco Holdings, PetroChina stocks and more. One has also great access to educational materials that will help you make an informed trading decision.


IQ option is a great choice of a trading platform as there are different materials to educate one on trading. The demo accounts are important as they help one gain an experience of how trading on the platform is without risking their money. It is a good place to learn the basics of binary option trading.

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Making money through Binary Options

Posted by on Oct 1, 2015 in Review Binary, Trade Options | Comments Off on Making money through Binary Options

Any kind of trading is somehow a tricky business since you never know what you are buying. Not that you don’t know, it’s just simply unpredicted action that can be bad at some point of time. The basic logic of trading is based on offer and demand – I have money while you have the goods and according to ratio you create the price range.forex-2

In order to start some kind of business, even trading, you must have some money. That is why you invest money into something, expecting to create some profit. Logically, an income is related to the amount of investment-the bigger investment, the bigger income. It’s so simple, isn’t it ? But from the other side, it is actually a version of gambling. You invest (that is pay) and wait for something to happen that will make some profit. You either have nerves of steel that will lead you eventually to the success, or you quit and lose your money. Am I speaking about the stocks ? Binary Options ? Yes !

capital-investment-companyMostly when people make some form of investment, they purchase an asset which has a certain value at that point of time, while possible profit and loss are corresponding to the change of value of the asset. An investor can decide to sell the asset to the market. If it sells in the moment when the value of the asset increases, automatically gains profit. Otherwise, loses money.  This is very characteristic for bonds, stocks and shares, while binary options are little bit different. Binary options are in a nutshell estimates of the possible value change of a certain asset, during particular period of time. That means that you “can guess” will the price increase (Call) or decrease (Put). This does not produce the same amount of stress as regular stock trading does, and this is one of the reasons why binary options trading becomes more and more popular.

The diversity of assets that can be traded varies from Indices (Nikkei or Nasdaq for example) and Forex (which is a mix of all respected currencies like : Euro, USD, GBP or JPY) to commodities (Silver, Coffee, Gold etc.) and stocks from Deutsche Bank, Google or Coca Cola. This provides a lot of tactics and ideas for different traders who have experience in some of the fields that I have mentioned.

Binary options trading is very interesting and popular, which resulted in tons of trading platform and online brokers such as BigOption that even provides an academy for learning and understanding the principles of binary options trading. Making money hasn’t ever been easier, but it still seeks some basic knowledge and understanding rules of the term investment. As in every business, you are trying to generate some income. In binary options business, the process of making money is a long-term agreement with your will and nerves. That is why this business is partially not made for people who don’t have some prior experience in this business. The key to success is knowledge – it is the same when it comes to the business.

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Good Brokers – Exbino

Posted by on Oct 1, 2015 in Trade Options | Comments Off on Good Brokers – Exbino

There is a number of good and reliable options when surfing through Binary Options Brokers like IQ Option for example, but due to USA regulations many of those sites are not available to traders within USA.  So they are left with small number of good USA brokers that in reality don’t offer much in comparison to outside brokers.

     And thus I embarked on a search for a broker that both offers everything other brokers do, whose trader reviews are positive and it is available in USA. And I found such site in Exbino.  My attention to this site was raised by numerous traders who suggested this site as a good and trustworthy place to trade. So I decided to check it out and find out what this site has for a trader like me.exbino-logo1

    binary_options_tipsToo good to be true offers
Most fake binary options brokers usually come up with extremely exciting offers to act as a bait and net in innocent potential investors with limited or no experience in online trading.These incentives include, among others ,the loyalty bonus offers on signing up a new account.These offers however turn out to be counterproductive since they lock an investor’s funds and places a trading limit on the deposits.Scams based on such offers end up misappropriating funds locked up in customers accounts and even failing to honor their financial promises as they fall due.

Failure to disclose pertinent information
Any binary options broker who does not disclose the full information to enable investors make informed decisions fails the test of being a financial services provider in the first instance.Concealing such information as the charges to be incurred,any possible trading restrictions or possible future returns variations denies the potential investor the opportunity of critically analyze the investment options and come up with an objective decision.

Strategy-for-gain-in-Binary-OptionsNegative testimonials and reviews
By checking the feedback from other investors about the binary options brokers,it is possible to identify possible scams.The existence of court cases can be a real indicator of which brokers to avoid at all costs.If a number of other investors have had undesirable experiences
with a certain broker,it is likely that others will experience the same or even worse.

Unavailable customer service personnel
Most binary options scam start as genuine companies offering proper customer service to their client like any other service provider.However,this commitment fades with time as the scam nears its explosion level and the phone calls may persistently go unanswered,mails may fail to be responded to even after follow-up and so on.This could serve as an indication of a service provider who will not be there when the investors need their money back.

In general,it is advisable that investors perform a thorough background check of the binary options broker they are engaging before making any commitments. You can check sites like Forex for more information.This will help to reduce the incidences of unsuspecting customers falling into the hands of fraudsters and losing their hard earned cash to binary options scams.

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